I am an artist and healer.
I use my hands to shape the clay

and I use my hands for energy and sound healing.






W E L C O M E !

Me llamo Johanna Flores

I majored in Product Design with a concentration in Ceramics at Parsons in New York City. For a while I worked as a home product designer, yet at the same time I have always kept a studio where I experiment, play and make ceramics.

How I got into the healing arts is a bit of a long story, however what I will say is that I have always kept one foot in other realms and one foot in this so called life.

I have moved a lot, pretty much since I was born. Movement and change seem to be a major theme in my life. Living in different cities and countries has given me the gift of having a wide perspective of different lifestyles and the acceptance of human diversity. I understand human condition very well. Life is tricky, isn’t it?

Ah music. I love music. It is through music that I often channel juicy information from spirit or get visions of my next ceramics’ creations.

As an artist, may my ceramics serve you as medicine for your unconscious mind. As a healer it is my intention to reconnect you to your heart, to your sovereignty, to your creativity, to your joy…

You are so much more than you know. You are a light being. You are Magic!