I have been making functional ceramics and some objects for over fifteen years mainly out of porcelain, however as time has gone by, I have become more interested in form and color than function itself.

The womb, the egg, the container of life.  I am exploring these voluptuous round forms using an approach that steps away from anything intentionally functional or premeditated and towards a more fluid and organic creative process that channels feelings directly from my heart.



I carefully hand build the round forms by making a slab cylinder and gently patting the edges with a wooden spatula to round each piece. I like to use porcelain, it is strong, it is beautiful, and I love its silky smooth texture between my fingers. To create color I mix stains or oxides directly into the porcelain, this allows me to leave most of the sculpture exposed and raw, at the end I play with texture by applying a heavy feldspar or a crater glaze sparsely.