It all started in…

Los Angeles, California
I was born in LA to Mexican immigrants who like most, came to the USA for a better life, however not long after my birth my parents decided to go back to Guadalajara, their native city in Mexico so my father could pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Guadalajara, Mexico
I grew up in Guadalajara amidst bits and pieces of fascinating ancient mysticism versus conservative catholic ideals and judgement. From my fathers’s side my grandparents were indigenous people who understood earth and her needs very well. Versus my grandparents from my mothers side were mestizos descendant from Basque country in Spain and very catholic.

San Francisco, California
As an adventurous spirit as soon as I graduated from high school in Guadalajara, I moved to San Francisco to attend community college. I spent four years working all sorts of jobs and exploring different art forms and techniques. I discovered myself in San Francisco, my love for ceramics, sculpture and color.

New York City
I was accepted in the Product Design department at Parsons so I moved to NYC. I fell in love with NYC, its energy and vibrancy were inspiring, my creativity flourished. Experiencing 9/11 in person was in part traumatic and in part a spiritual awakening for me, it made me question whether creativity had any value in the world, while I understood the media could not be trusted. After I graduated from Parsons I worked for corporate America as a designer until I moved to the UK to join my beloved.

London, England, UK
Whilst working in the high end fashion retail industry, I joined a ceramics studio where I produced mainly bone china functional ceramics. In London I enjoyed the music scene, the rebellious creativity, and the eccentric fashion of the Brits. Not to mention that British sense of humor is similar to Mexican sense of humor, who knew? After five years of London gloomy weather however, I missed the exuberance of NYC.

New York City
Back in NYC I returned to freelance as a home decor product designer for corporate America and simultaneously I developed a successful line of colored porcelain tableware from my studio in RedHook, Brooklyn.

Around the World (the highest and lowest point)
When I was child I loved Indiana Jones, I often fantasized of being in exotic lands finding treasures. After much dreaming and much saving, my partner and I went on our adventure, visiting several countries and cities all over world. It was as amazing as I had envisioned it, although a lot more tiring.
Three months after coming back from the most amazing adventure, I had a miscarriage, which left me heartbroken, depressed and anxious.

Full Circle in Los Angeles
The miscarriage opened up an energetic channel that had been dormant in me, my intuition became greater and the perception between the seen and the unseen world of spirit merged. Seeking to gain a better understanding of what I was going through, I started meditating daily, and I became fascinated by studying metaphysics, and various healing modalities.

I am currently living in Los Angeles with my hubby and my beloved daughter Lola, making ceramics, offering healing sessions and blessing ceremonies while furthering my knowledge in the healing arts of shamanism, (remembering from my ancestors).