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Reiki is LOVE


It is impossible to talk about reiki without touching upon mysticism, quantum physics, and to challenge the status quo. Reiki is a healing system that was started in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui, whilst he was a Buddhist monk in the 1900’s. The Japanese word “Rei” refers to an omnipresent higher intelligence, and the word “Ki” refers to universal life force.

The concept of ki or chi has been known through millennia in the East. Chi or Ki is electromagnetic energy that is composed of quanta and has been used by Monks for healing and in Martial arts to direct energy into strength.
It is believed that we are all connected through a singular infinite universal life force energy called “chi”. It is chi that gives life to everything in the universe.
In essence Reiki is the manipulation of “chi”, through intention to bring balance within.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.
This is not philosophy. This is physics.
— Albert Einstein

All living things have a luminous field that many call aura. Our aura contains information about us and it is directly connected to our higher consciousness and to vortices of energy within our body called chakras. Our aura gets affected by both our emotions and our actions.
When we get caught up in repetitive degrading self talk or continue to do things we don’t like to do with sedentary lifestyles, our chakras become inactive or blocked, we feel drained, uninspired, stressed out, and often we can become ill.
When you become ill, this is your body letting you know that there is a need for balance, a need for inspiration, a need for change.
Reiki works directly with the chakras to bring in balance and literally good vibes within your aura. When you change your vibe, you change your consciousness and therefore your actions too.

The perfect visual example of someone using chi with intention is the infamous Bruce Lee two-finger-6-inch punch, that sends his opponent flying off meters away. It isn’t Bruce Lee’s muscles that give him strength but rather directing chi with his intention.
There are also videos of qi gong masters using chi to start a fire with their hands.
Check the videos out in YouTube, they are fun to watch!

Bruce Lee at the Long Beach Martial Arts Tournament 1964

Bruce Lee at the Long Beach Martial Arts Tournament 1964

In a Reiki session the practitioner channels chi energy through their crown chakra, to the heart and then through the hands. The hands are lightly placed on or above the clients’ body to transfer the chi into the client. Energy is intelligent and it will go where the client most needs it.

Reiki is an experience. One can read much about Reiki out there, however it will make very little sense because each person experiences Reiki in very different ways from one another. Reik is a little bit like love, one can only know of it when one has experienced it. As such, truth can only be known through experience, not taught, nor learnt through books.

I hope you try it, it is worth it!

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